Repairing Your Hawai’i Home Foundation

Hawai’i is a diverse island alive with many kinds of plants and animals. It has everything from volcanoes to valleys to jungles and more. All of it sits on a foundation of rock and stone.

It would be bad if the foundation started settling or had cracks appearing.

The same thing goes for your house’s foundation. In order to help you repair it or give you an idea as to what is involved, here is our 5 step process for repairing a house foundation:

  1. Dig perimeter
  2. Put piles into the ground
  3. Raise up the building
  4. Lock it in place and remove the jacks
  5. Concrete the perimeter of the building

Let’s take a closer look at these steps.

Crack in a home foundation needing repair

A Closer Look At The 5 Step Home Foundation Repair Process

As with every contracting job, planning ahead and preparation is a part of the process. This can involve:

  • Removing plants
  • Disconnecting certain utilities
  • Laying down tarps
  • Choosing the appropriate foundation repair method
  • Acquiring any necessary permits

Let’s jump into why each step in the process is important.

1. Digging The Perimeter

This is done so the helical or micro piles can be put into the ground. They serve as the new foundation or at least a major part of it depending on your method of repair.

Foundation for a home

2. Inserting The Piles

For Hawaiians living on the dirt ground, the process calls for helical piles. Helical piles can’t be used very often, maybe on only 20% of our clientele’s homes.

Hawaiians living on rock need micropiles to break through the rock. This is what is used for 80% of our client’s houses.

Depending on the extent of the damage, contractor’s may have to install piles under the interior of your home.

Digging is the first step in repairing a home foundation

3. Raise The Building

This is done so that repairs can be made by placing it on top of the new piles.

Foundation being raised using micropiles

4. Lock And Remove

The house is locked into place and the jacks removed. Your Hawaiian home now has a repaired foundation.

5. Concrete The Perimeter

This doesn’t need to be done, but we do it for extra safety. The rest is clean up and restoring your home to looking better than it was before.

Finished Home Of Foundation Repair In Hawaii

Enjoy Your Newly Repaired Foundation

No more having to worry about sinking, settling, or any other foundation issues. Your new foundation can last you for years, but you may want to inspect it once every year to ensure there are no damages.