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Why Install A Septic Tank System?

Although Hawaii ranks 43rd in the US for the size of the state, it ranks 1st for the most amount of cesspools nationwide. With over 90% of the drinking water for Hawaii coming from underground wells, these cesspools can cause a real problem.

How Does A Septic System Work?

Both a cesspool and a septic tank hold waste and both need to be pumped once they begin to approach being full. The main difference is a septic system is a tank that holds the waste. Once the waste is in the tank, bacteria will break it down and allow the treated water to pass through a series of pipes. These pipes then release this water into the soil around the tank.

Septic Tank In Kona

The septic tank collects the waste as well as help break it down using bacteria.

Septic System Drain Field Kona

The drain field releases the cleaned waste, allowing a safe way to take care of a building’s waste.

How Does A Cesspool Work?

A cesspool captures the waste in the same manner that septic systems do, but they, unfortunately, do no treat the waste. Since there is no tank as they are just holes dug in the ground, the waste seeps into the ground. This is where the problem lies for the 90% of Hawaiians that get their drinking water from underground wells!

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The Need To Install Septic Systems

Both The Big Island as well as all of Hawaii is continuing to crack down on cesspools. As of 1992, no building is allowed to have a cesspool as it’s waste storage unit. Since then, the Hawaii Department of Health has been working with the EPA to make sure that all cesspools are replaced by septic systems. In other words at this point, whenever a building has its permit pulled, it is checked if that building has a cesspool or a septic system.

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